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Conditions of use


  • Orders may be placed by the website, phone, fax, or e-mailed.
  • An order is defined as one delivery to a single location.  Requirements for multiple drop ships will be separated into individual orders.
  • An order contains active cataloged items. Product found in older product catalogs/flyer are subject to review and minimum requirements.
  • All prices are reflected in US dollars.
  • List prices shown on the Melin website are to be considered current.


  • No minimum order value requirement
  • A small handling fee of $3.00 will be added to standard shipping charges for orders with a total net value under $100.00


  • Net prices are provided on an individual bases and are determined base on the tool style, size & quantity level.
  • Specials are subject to +/- 10% run quantities. If unable to accept these terms, approval is required prior to production of order.
  • Customers must be authorized prior to ordering specials.
  • Drawings and Technical Documents: All drawings and technical documents delivered by either of the parties remain the property of the delivering party.  Seller will not reproduce or otherwise disclose such materials to third parties.  Tooling, setup, drawings and designed information are provided on quotation and confirmed at order entry.


  • Scheduled shipments will be made using standard freight services and the costs added to Melin invoices.
    • Shipping cost include, without limitation all insurance, freight, cartage, warehousing, and all other charges in connection with loading and shipping the product to buyer.
    • Seller's responsibility ceases upon delivery to the carrier at the stated shipping point, and risk of loss, damage, injury or destruction of any of the products shall pass to the buyer upon such delivery to the carrier.
  • As an alternative, customers can provide Melin with their own freight account information for appropriate charges
  • Free standard freight will be provided for single orders exceeding $750.00 Net value
  • Back orders will be shipped via Melin Standard Shipping Method (unless specified on order)
  • On orders requesting multiple shipping dates, each shipment will be considered a separate order. Freight terms and allowances will be applied to initial shipment.
  • Consignees outside the U.S. are responsible for all brokerage fees, duty, custom clearances, and corresponding fees.
  • All shipping dates are approximate and tentative.  We do our best to inform buyer of any date changes.
  • Delays - Seller shall be excused for delay in delivery, when due to: acts of God or the public enemy, fires, floods, riots, strikes, freight embargoes, or transportation delays.


  • Open accounts will be established pending credit approval.
  • Payment terms are 1% 10, net 30 days.  (unless otherwise specified on order acknowledgment or invoice).
  • Freight charges do not qualify for cash discounts.
  • Periodic payment and credit reviews are used to update credit limits and may impact resale discounts.


  • Seller shall manufacture all products in accordance with buyer specifications and applicable to ISO 9001 quality assurance requirements.


  • Discounts are assigned for each major product group in the Melin portfolio.  It's expected that a distributor actively promotes all product groups and generates reasonable & warranted sales activity in each group to maintain their discount levels.  Yearly discount reviews take place in Q1.

Carbide Product Portfolio

Product Group

Discount Code

Carbide General Purpose End Mills P1A
Carbide Mid Performance End Mills P1A2
Carbide Special Use End Mills P1C
Carbide Micro Special Use End Mills P1C2
Carbide General Purpose Drills P1D
Carbide Performance Drills P1E
Carbide Thread Mills P1F
Price List Only Products P1X

HSS & MISC Product Portfolio

Product Group

Discount Code

HSS General Purpose End Mills P1G
HSS High Performance End Mills P1H
HSS Special Use End Mills P1I
HSS Roughing End Mills P1J
Countersinks P1K
Carbide Burs P1L
Carbide Blanks STL
Authorized Specials SPL


  • Prices are exclusive of taxes and are subject to correction for error.
  • Seller may change pricing without notice, and the applicable price for an order will be the price in effect at the time of shipment.
  • Back orders will be invoiced at the price in effect at time of shipment.


  • Guaranteed Testing Order
    • Distributors place regular order with a note identifying the name of the end user to test the tool(s)
      • Within 60 days, should the customer not be satisfied, a full credit including freight, will be issued upon our receipt of RMA# and their completed test tool form referencing the purchase order and invoice number.
        • (test tool reports will be shipped out with tools or can be found on our literature download page)
  • For sample tooling, special trials, or no charge testing - Please contact your local Melin Sales Rep


  • Only current, standard products will be accepted for return and credit.  Prior RMA (returned material authorization) is mandatory.  Please contact customer service to request RMA
  • Tools that are over 1 year old will not be accepted for credit
  • All returned tools are subject to inspection, acceptances and 10% restocking fee
  • Distributors is responsible for transportation costs of return tools
  • Specials or tools with customization added to standard product, will not be accept for returns
    • Please refer to Specials and Custom Tools for more detail
  • Credit will be issued based on the distributors lowest invoiced cost at time of purchase
  • Annual inventory adjustments are encouraged (1 per year)
    • Distributors can exchange slow moving inventory for products having a higher demand.  To avoid the restocking charge, please submit an off setting order of 20% greater net value than the returned value.
  • All returns over our average monthly usage amount is subject to review prior to receiving an RMA
    • Please refer to order acknowledgment for  information regarding your order


  • Melin distribution requires prior approval from both Melin sales and accounting.
  • Melin will approve distribution partners, establish conditions and discounting structure at time of approval.
  • Melin will provide tooling to distribution partners who actively promote all Melin product groups consistently.
  • All Channel Partners will provide monthly sales information of products sold.  Please contact for current policy.


  • Melin can withdraw the usage right from distribution partner, without requiring a separate letter of termination,  if the distribution partner no longer comply with the prerequisites laid down for them as a standard Melin partner.  See prerequisite information
  • Melin can restrict or reduce product code discount if acceptable product group sale volume is not achieved.


  • All purchase orders submitted by our distributors are accepted by Melin Tool in accordance with the terms stated above.  These terms supersede all conflicting terms.



  • Blanket order requires approval by Melin's sales management.
  • Blanket order requires the following criteria be submitted at time of purchase
    • Total order quantity for blanket item
    • Scheduled release dates and quantities
    • Shipping instructions
    • Blanket contact name
  • Blanket order is subject to +/- 10% run quantities. If unable to accept these terms, approval is required prior to production.
  • Blanket order is subject to 12 month release terms, any remaining balance at 12 months will be released automatically.  All exceptions must be submitted prior to the start of production.
  • Blanket order require signed terms & condition form before production can begin


  • No returns accepted greater then monthly average usage quantity
  • No returns accepted on special or customized blanket order


  • Blanket order pricing will be held for length of blanket
  • Blanket PO's submitted after a Melin price increase notification are subject to price review
  • Re-order on blanket order are subject to pricing review